Real-Life BPMN: With introductions to CMMN and DMN by Jakob Freund

Real-Life BPMN: With introductions to CMMN and DMN

Book Title: Real-Life BPMN: With introductions to CMMN and DMN

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1541163443

Author: Jakob Freund

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Jakob Freund with Real-Life BPMN: With introductions to CMMN and DMN

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This is the improved 3rd edition of the very successful book "Real-Life BPMN" with excellent reviews on (don't forget to check reviews of the 1st and 2nd edition). It is about business process management (BPM) and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0). Truth be told, there are several BPMN books on the market. Some of them are quite good, so why should you care about this one? This book distills the experience the authors accumulated while running Camunda, a consulting company that specializes in BPM. Camunda helped to define the BPMN specification, and during the past ten years, they have applied BPMN in over 1000 customer engagements. These were big businesses, small companies, and public institutions. Now you can benefit from this practical experience. Topics covered:
  • The basics of modeling processes with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0)
  • Methods to apply BPMN successfully to real-world problems
  • A practical approach for automating processes with BPMN 2.0
  • The alignment of business and IT as an attainable goal
  • Advice on introducing BPMN across your company
This book explains the notation, of course, but it also delves into the kinds of challenges that process designers face every day. It talks about pitfalls to avoid. It gives dos and don'ts. There are guidelines and best practices. In the 3rd edition we added introductions to the related BPM standards
  • CMMN 1.1 for case management, handling unstructured processes
  • DMN 1.1 for decision management, you might know as business rules management (BRM)
This third edition in English is based on the successful fith German edition, which, according to, it is the highest-ranked book on BPMN in German. The number of five-star ratings awarded by readers speaks volumes. Also available in Spanish.